Making REAL Sourdough

Flour + Water + Salt + A LOT OF TIME & LOVE = Authentic Sourdough Bread

Organic, vegan and good for your gut!

No additives, no preservatives!

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This is what REAL BREAD should look like!

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Tall Tim

£5 - approx 750g

Tiny Tim

£4 - approx 500g

Ingredients: Organic WHEAT flour, organic SPELT flour, organic RYE flour, water, salt

Allergy Advice: For allergens including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in BOLD above.

Produced in a kitchen that uses milk, eggs, soy and tree nuts .


**Currently taking a summer break**

Instagram: @sourdough_tim | Email :

My Story So Far...

My Background

Hello and thanks for showing an interest in me, Sourdough Tim! This is a new and exciting chapter for me and the idea of setting up a micro-bakery is a very recent one! I’ve had a rather unconventional career path leading up to this point, having studied Aeronautical Engineering at uni, then working at a software company for eight years, and as a maths teacher at a secondary school for the last seven years. I’m a bit of an obsessive perfectionist and so the huge number of variables affecting sourdough production, and the myriad different skills required to execute it effectively, provide the perfect challenge! I must say a big thank you to my brother-in-law Ian for introducing me to sourdough and starting me on this exciting new journey.

My Start in Sourdough

After a great few years of competitive home-brewing with my brew buddies Robbie, Hugh and Joao, I started a new hobby making sourdough bread in September 2018, mainly to produce something other than beer, something that my two inquisitive young daughters could get fully involved with, both in the making and the consuming! It quickly became an obsession and I found myself studying the works of some amazing bakers, namely Chad Robertson (Tartine Bread), Maurizio Leo ( and Trevor Wilson (Open Crumb Mastery). Persistence, practice and patience eventually started getting me the results I strived for and I began experimenting with different flours to try and hone in on my own perfect loaf. That has ended up being 25% wholegrain with a mix of wheat, spelt and rye, and a fairly high hydration of 75-80% to achieve a super succulent crumb. It’s the bread that I always want to eat and never get bored of; it’s the dough I use for both the Tiny Tim and Tall Tim loaves I sell today; it’s the one I hope you will come to love as well!

My Sourdough Routine

We haven’t really bought much bread at all since the first loaf came out of the oven in Sept 2018! I ended up making bread most days and settled into a nice baking rhythm of mixing the dough in the morning, shaping it in the evening, and baking the following morning. It really is a great way to relax and de-stress from the demands of family life and the daytime teaching job. I’ve heard people describe it as meditative, and can certainly relate to that in some ways, but for me it’s just the sheer joy and satisfaction I get from handling the dough and producing such tasty, good-looking bread! Each loaf takes 24-36 hours for me to produce (depending on the ambient temperature, and how I can squeeze the process in around my other commitments) and this is the mark of truly authentic sourdough - made by hand in small batches and fermented slowly. It is made with just three ingredients: flour, water and salt. No commercial baking yeast is added and there aren't any of those other nasty chemicals that mass-produced bread has to artificially speed up production and superficially extend the shelf life - check the ingredients list on your normal bread!

Try My Sourdough

So, that’s a little insight into my story so far. After much pondering and a bit of planning, my wife (Harshini) and I decided to take the plunge and set up our own micro-bakery from home in June 2019. By dropping my teaching commitments to three days a week I am hoping to be able to bake three times a week in my shiny new Rofco B40 bread oven. Harshini will be managing the orders and collections when I am away at school and she's also keen to get her hands on the dough! We're going to start with a soft launch in August 2019, selling bread to friends and neighbours who are keen to help us get off the ground. I’ll also continue to bring my bread to The Dodo Micropub for Free Cheeseboard Sunday on the first Sunday of the month, so if you want to try it for free then please do come along! Once we’ve got the basics sorted I’ll start ramping up production and look to introduce a subscription model. The best place to keep up to date with our progress is on Instagram, where you can follow me @sourdough_tim.

Get In Touch

Thanks for reading and do email me ( or drop me a note on Instagram or via the contact form (below) if you want to register your interest or ask any questions!

Health & Happiness with Sourdough

The health benefits of sourdough really are quite remarkable and this is a key factor that drives my motivation to bake. There is a lot of scientific research currently in progress but, from personal experience with our family and friends, it really is incredible how much happier our tummies feel when compared to eating commercially produced bread. In short, the long slow fermentation by the naturally present yeasts in the flour and the actions of the lactic acid bacteria help to break down the long protein molecules and the gluten so that it’s easy for the body to digest and so that the nutrients are more readily accessible. This helps alleviate the bloating effects that commercial bread can have and acts as a prebiotic to promote good gut health. Lots of people with gluten intolerances and IBS also report being able to consume sourdough without suffering any ill effects. For a more detailed look at these benefits I recommend having a look here:

The benefits of eating sourdough

The role of sourdough in supporting a healthy digestive system.

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